HP Sales & Lettings continue software expansion to assist Landlords

HP Sales and Lettings are extremely excited to announce its continued investment in industry recognised software to better assist their Landlords and enhance their exceptional customer service function. The end of August 2019 will see the introduction of Fixflo to the suite of software products used by HP Sales and Lettings; building on the introduction of PayProp earlier on in 2019.

What is Fixflo?

Fixflo is the market leading online repair reporting system for rented properties. HP Sales and Lettings will be using Fixflo to deliver repairs more quickly and efficiently for its landlords.

The system guides tenants in any one of 40 languages to identify their precise issue. Fixflo then prompts the tenant with advice on how to fix simple issues themselves, educates tenants on issues they are responsible for and prompts them to provide the information that is needed to fix their problem.

How does Fixflo work?

Tenants are presented with the Fixflo dashboard where they can use their mobile or web enabled device to report repairs through Fixflo’s picture based system. Inbuilt guided advice educates tenants of their responsibilities, allowing them to fix small issues themselves.

Once an issue has been submitted by the tenant, a clear concise repair report will then be sent to HP Sales and Lettings Property Management Department within a matter of seconds, saving time and money for everyone involved. The Fixflo dashboard provides HP Sales and Lettings with a detailed overview of their entire portfolio; together with automated reminders to contractors, ensuring swift issue resolution.

The repair reports within FixFlo contain all the detail needed, so contractors can prepare for a specific issue ahead of a visit, resolving the majority of issues on the first visit.

Other benefits of Fixflo

24/7 and 365 access for reporting issues

Tenants have the ability to raise and report maintenance issues 24/7, 365 days a year, directly from their computer or mobile device. The reported issues are then sent to HP Sales and Lettings workflow engine (an upcoming blog post) where they are actioned according to defined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Full audit trail

A complete audit trail of all communication and documentation is safely stored in the FixFlo system, ensuring that no issue slips through the cracks or get forgotten. This is extremely important for any disputes with tenants during their tenancy with a Landlord.

Organised data

All data entered into Fixflo is securely stored in a central location within the system. This allows any member of the HP Sales and Lettings Property Management Team to work through and action maintenance issues.

Automated reminders

When a maintenance ticket is actioned, HP Sales and Lettings, together with any contractors that have tickets assigned to them to action get reminders on a regular basis until those assigned tickets are moved onto the next part of the HP Sales and Lettings workflow.

Pictures and videos

Tenants and contractors have the option to upload pictures and videos with any raised maintenance requests. This has a number of benefits; namely that by providing as much information from tenants as possible at the point of raising an issue, assigned contractors have the ability to better “fix” and “address” issues on the first attempt. Also HP Sales and Lettings Landlords get a much better insight to raised issues and fixes when a job is completed, thanks to having assigned contractors uploading pictures and/or videos of completed tasks.

HP Sales and Lettings are delighted to add Fixflo to its suite of technology products; to better allow us to serve the needs of tenants and better protect our Landlords investments.

Watch out for future blog posts of further technology Investments that HP Sales and Lettings are making throughout 2019 to set us as the leading independent Sales, Lettings and Sourcing Company in the U.K.

If you are a Landlord, or know a Landlord that wants to find out more about HP Sales and Lettings and the services that we offer and how that can directly benefit you, please feel free to get in touch on 0121 286 9007 or contact@hpsalesandlettings.co.uk or any of our social media channels.

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